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#H06 Cowboy Knot Halter
5/16" Rope Halter with 5/8" X 8' Lead
Price: $10.95
#H07 PP Knot Halters
*****OUT OF STOCK*****
1/4" Hand tied twisted crown cowboy rope halter. Multiple colors available.
Price: $4.95
#1213 Silver Show Halter
Double stitched leather full horse size show halter. Double buckles on crown & three way adjustable nose & throat latch. Comes with 3/4" x 6' leather lead w/ chain.
Price: $39.95
#15859 Aligator Bronc Halter
Adjustable Bronc Style Halter with Cut Out Alligator Print Accented with Small Studs.
Price: $24.95
#15842 I Love My Horse Halter
2 Ply Nylon Full Size Horse Halter with " I Love My Horse" Design.
Price: $10.95
#H14 Mule Tape Halter
*****OUT OF STOCK*****The 4 strand plat of this halter gives it a breakage strength of nearly 5000 lbs. Comes with 10' long platted lead.
Price: $24.95
#15835 Horse Adjustable Nylon Halter
3 Ply average horse size adjustable halter with heavy duty throat snap. Nickle plated hardware and eyelets on crown. Adjustable noseband. Heavy duty spring snap.
Price: $11.95