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 Brown Steel Chain Mouth Bit with Copper Roller. This brown steel bit features 7" curved brown steel cheeks and a 5" stainless steel mouth with center copper roller.


5" Brown Steel Short Shank Dogbone Bit with Copper Rings. This brown steel bit features a 6" curved short shank cheeks and a 5.5" chain link mouth with 4 copper rings.


Stainless steel bit with engraved concho on 8.25" cheek. Stainless steel 4.75" mouth piece with copper roller.


Engraved aluminum shank bit with 5"curved mouth with copper roller. This bit features 8" engraved aluminum swivel shanks with a solid curved 5" mouth with copper roller.


Stainless steel curb bit with copper roller port. This stainless steel bit features 7" cheeks and a 5" mouth with sliding copper roller on a 1.5" port.


Stainless steel reining bit with 8" cheeks. Stainless steel 5" mouth piece with copper roller and slobber chain.


 Aluminum bit with 6" cheeks.  5" 3 piece mouth with center copper roller.